Branemark Integration AB

Unique Thread Run-out Design

The new Fixture BioHelix™ Respect is featuring the unique Thread Run-out Design wich offers a gentle and stress-free condensation of the bone during the final stage of the installation procedure. This thanks to a minor design change of the thread valley configuration by adding a Slightly Tapered Thread Runout Angle starting 4 mm below the top of the fixture.

Combining the Original Thread- and the Tread Run-out Designs features offer several clinical benefits for the clinician:

Optimal primary stability in all clinical situations and bone qualities without overcompressing the bone

Maximum original macro thread-to-bone contact due to having the threads “run-out” at the abutment platform level.

Reduced drill steps completely eliminates the need for dense bone reamers and/or screw taps.


Dans une série d’études expérimentales[12-15], des fixtures en titane ont été insérées chirurgicalement dans des sites osseux chez l’animal, et l’ostéointégration a été évaluée en associant des tests biomécaniques, morphologiques et histomorphométriques ainsi que des analyses ultrastructurelles et chimiques sur la capacité de l’os à se lier aux fixtures. Les observations montrent une augmentation de 250 % dans la résistance à la torsion pour les fixtures BioHelix™ comparées aux implants en titane usiné, à la fois durant des périodes précoces (8 semaines) et tardives (6 mois) chez le lapin (FIG. 4). Les implants ont été placés dans de l’os spongieux (fémur distal du lapin) et dans de l’os cortical (tibia du lapin). On note des améliorations dans les deux types d’os.

Original Machined and BioHelix™ Rough Surface The Best of Two Worlds

Original Machined Surface...

The Original Machined Surface with over 50 years of proven long-term clinical performance and stability has been preserved on specific areas of the fixture body.

...anti Peri-implantitis

An Original Machined Surface Zone 3 mm from the top of the fixture and on the thread tips act as a biological barrier against bacterial accumulation and proliferation along the fixture body. This surface texture has proven to offer the best protection against the biggest growing implant problem periimplantitis.

BioHelix™ Rough Surface...

The unique BioHelix™ Rough Surface is a titanium oxide

surface on micro- and nano-scale level created by proprietary laser technology proven to offer unique osseoconductive properties.

...stronger than bone after 8 weeks

The BioHelix™ Rough Surface, is added only where needed the most; in the the thread valleys proven to generate most biological activity.

Brånemark et al, 1977

Light micrograph showing bone in close contact with a BioHelix™ thread after 8 weeks. The circle depicts the fracture line in the bone – not in the bone/implant interface. Professor Peter Thomsen Göteborg, Sweden

Total Solution Provider

Brånemark Integration AB’s philosophy is to offer predictable and long-term functional prosthetic solutions adapted to each individual patient needs.

1. Standard Solutions

Since decades proven standard prosthetic and laboratory components in high quality materials and precision making it possible to realise a long-lasting prosthetic and laboratory work using conventional dental techniques.

  • Healing and Temporary Abutments in Titanium
  • Impression Copings and Analogues in Stainless steel
  • MultiAbutment™ Screw-retained Abutments in Titanium
  • Interface and Over-denture Abutments in Titanium
  • Laboratory Burn-out and CoCr Cylinders etc.

2. Innovative Solutions

Innovative solutions developed by Brånemark Integration AB offering new features like angled screw-channels using conventional laboratory techniques and materials.

BioTemp™ Temporary Abutment 20° in Titanium offers the possibility to realize an esthetic and functional temporary prosthesis without the use of angled abutments.

BioBase™ Interface Abutment in Titanium offers the possibility to realize screw-retained single or multiple reconstructions with up to 30° angled screw channels using conventional casting materials and modern ceramic press techniques.

BioCast™ Burn-out Cylinder offers the worldwide known UCLA Burn-out solution technique the possibility to angle the screw-access channel up to 30°.

3. Customized Solutions

A close cooperation with the Swedish innovative company Dentware Scandinavia AB

makes it possible for Brånemark Integration AB to offer customized Cad/Cam solutions produced using the latest 3D printing technologies. Dentware Scandinavia AB offers single and multiple frameworks and abutments in Titanium or Cobalt Chrome with the possibility to angle the screw-access channel at up to 30°.